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Commonly Asked Questions

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Can this clip be used on 16 gauge girts?

Yes! Renjo Clips (RJC-1) can be used with 16 gauge or thinner steel and aluminum z-girts.  An alternate profile can be used if using composite furring.

How do you use these clips?


They easily slip over the lip of the z-girt before or after installation of insulation.

learn more here (RJC-1 Clip)

Learn more here (RJC)-1A Clip)

learn more here (RJC-SG Clip)

How often do you install clips?

These clips are recommended to be used 16"-24" apart, depending on what type of insulation is being installed.

Do these work with composite z-girts?

Absolutely! Other profiles of the Renjo Clip will work for various, popular composite furring.

Do these clips require fasteners?

No, these clips are used without fasteners by slipping over the leg of the z-girt.

Can this increase my façade fastener pull-out strength?

Yes, these clips have been tested to increase the pull-out strength over 300# per clip on composite furring.

What is your minimum order quantity?

• RJC-1 Clips are packaged 500 clips per box.

• RJC-1A Clips are packaged 400 clips per box.

• RJC-SG Clips are various qty depending on offset depth.

Learn more here (Renjo Clips)

What are your clips made out of?

RJC-1 Clips are made of 24 gauge, galvanized, tempered, cold-rolled steel.

RJC-SG Clip series are .040" thick black polymer material.

Do you supply insulation and z-girts?

Sorry, we do not. We only supply the retainer clips that slip over the z-girt and hold in the insulation.

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