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RJC-SG Clip Series

The RJC-SG Clip series is specifically designed for Strongwell Strongirt composite z-girts. The .040" thick polymer clips offset insulation from the face of the girt creating airflow for rear ventilating rain screen systems.

This clip can be used on vertically or horizontally oriented z-girts. Easily snapped onto the face of the Strongirt, these clips retain the rigid or semi-rigid insulation in place. The RJC-SG clip can also allow you to maintain the same thickness  of insulation while creating different wall depths using various depths of girt.

REnjo Sstrongirt Clip 2 Profiles.png

U.S. Patent #D938,815 S
U.S Patent #11,371,240 B1

RJC-SG Boxes.png
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